Tile, Stone,
Hardwood, and Carpet

Product sourcing is a crucial element to any residential or commercial tile and stone installation project. We have developed long-standing vendor partnerships with the best tile and stone suppliers around the country, and we are able to leverage these relationships to get the best materials and pricing for our clients. 

Before starting your home renovation or custom home, our team of design consultants will work with you to determine which types of tile and stone, or hardwood that will be best for your project. This can be based on; your lifestyle, the intended use of the product, the maintenance required for the material, and the budget of your project. We make sure we are sourcing and installing the very best products based on your unique needs, and we are always happy to provide you with samples of your products so you can see them first-hand. 

Hardwood & Carpet


Tile is one of, if not, the most versatile products for your home or business. It comes in an array of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. The advances made in tile production over the years are astonishing. There are tiles that look exactly like natural stone and hardwood, making it the perfect material to use throughout your project. The endless options of colors and unique patterns are great to create a feature wall or backsplash that is truly eye-catching. Tile is an extremely durable material, easy to maintain, and is perfect for any lifestyle. 


Natural stones are always on trend for any home project, and add a luxurious feel to your design. They are a great option for your kitchen countertops, floors, and in your bathrooms. Natural stones are eco-friendly and extremely long lasting. There is a little more maintenance involved in taking care of your investment in natural stones, but we will give you all the guidance you need. Natural stones come in many different materials and patterns and our design team will help you decide which stone is best for your custom project. 

Hardwood & Carpet

Hardwood is a very popular flooring option for your home. It comes in many different materials and colors, and the most requested one is European White Oak, which works great here in the Phoenix desert. Hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain. We also offer an array of carpets, which are most commonly used in living areas and bedrooms. Let our design consultants walk you thru the best options for your project. 

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