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Tile is one of the most versatile and stylish components in any residential or commercial project. It can make a design statement in any room from the floors to backsplashes and even as a decorative wall. Tile comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, as well as in many different materials. The options and combinations are truly endless. Most tiles are very durable and will last you a very long time. At the end of the day, the best tile for your project truly comes down to the style you are going for, and your intended use for the tile, based on your lifestyle. 

Our design consultants are the perfect guides to help you choose the tile, color, and pattern that will best match your needs. Check out some of our tile selections below, and you are always welcome to schedule a visit to our showroom to see samples of our tile options. 


Very popular and versatile tile for floors

Lots of great color, shapes, textures and finishes to choose from

Easy to maintain and very durable


Unique and creative designs

Pairs well with other types of tile like ceramic for backsplashes

Easy to clean and maintain


Cement Tile

Great for both floors and walls throughout your home

Easy to maintain when properly sealed and installed

Perfect for both residential and commercial projects


Wide array of patterns, colors, and shapes

Perfect for backsplashes, showers, and accent walls

Very stylish and modern touch to any design


Lots of amazing colors and design options

Highly durable and great for high traffic rooms of your home or business

Long lasting and easy to maintain

Saltillo Tile

Great for living spaces and kitchens

Durable and easy to maintain

Comes in many shapes and patterns

Made from natural clays in Saltillo, Mexico


Tile has great uses. Check out these amazing Phoenix tiles projects we have completed.

Tile vs Stone

When remodeling your home or building out your custom home, choosing the right materials for your project is very important. We often get asked what the differences are between using tile and stone. Both tile and stone have their benefits and can work great throughout your project. They both come in a seemingly endless array of options like materials, shapes, colors, patterns and more. So, how do you decide which product is best for you?

Our design consultants will help you make that design. You may choose to use a combination of different materials for different rooms of your project. For example, you may want natural stone countertops for your kitchen counter, combined with tile floors and a ceramic and glass tile backsplash for your stovetop. A lot of comes down to your lifestyle, and choose which products will best match how you live your life. Whether you cook a lot, entertain guests often, or have kids, all play factors especially when considering the maintenance required to upkeep different tiles and stones.

Your budget is an important aspect to consider as well. We will help you value engineer your project for you and guide you to making the product selections that fit within your budget. There are so many great options when it comes to Phoenix tiles and stone products, and we always provide you with samples so you can see first-hand which products will work best for you. 


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